Coffee in the morning is a classic. But that’s not the only time to enjoy a freshly-brewed cup! At Keurig®, we know a simple coffee break is often all that’s needed for you to get the most out of your day. From coffee at work with a colleague to coffee at home with a good book, discover our top five best times to drink coffee!

One of the Best Times to Drink Coffee: Taking a Break with Colleagues

When you’re at the office, it’s easy to get caught up in all that’s going on. Deadlines, schedules and meetings can make you forget how important it is to maintain your working relationships. Taking a coffee break with a colleague is a tried-and-true way of making sure everyone is on the same page, and that’s why we think it’s one of the best times to drink coffee. The perfect cup of coffee at work is sophisticated and full-bodied, which is why we recommend Starbucks® Caffè Verona® coffee for your coffee meeting. The harmony of flavours in this globally-sourced blend may lead you to new heights of collaborative success!

taking a coffee break at work

Moments of Fun & Relaxation Can Be the Best Times to Drink Coffee

If you’ve got a creative hobby you’ve been neglecting, or you’d simply like to enjoy luxurious self-care, one of the best times to drink coffee is when you’re taking a moment for yourself. Whether you’re having an at-home spa day or working on your magnum opus, combine your activity with a coffee break to feel immediately restored. We recommend the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Island Coconut flavoured coffee K‑Cup® pod. Its hint of tropical coconut flavour will make you feel like you’re in holiday mode without even leaving the house.

taking a spa day coffee break

The Best Times to Drink Coffee? When You Need to Recharge Fast

One of the best times to drink coffee is when you’re working toward an important goal. Whether it’s a personal project, a test or a performance, a quick coffee break can settle your mind and help you avoid burnout. Simply take five minutes with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee and enjoy a renewed sense of focus. For coffee that goes perfectly with a smooth workflow, we recommend the smooth body and subtle flavours of Starbucks® Pike Place® Roast coffee.

Take a Coffee Break with Your Four-Legged Best Friend

Looking for a creative way to enjoy your coffee in the morning? Spending an early hour or two walking your pet in the park or forest is one of the best ways to get outside and experience the natural world. And we believe it’s also one of the best times to drink coffee! Simply fill a travel mug or thermos with coffee after brewing, and you’ll have delicious hot coffee no matter where your walk may take you. Try a dark roast, like the Van Houtte® Colombian Dark coffee K‑Cup® pod. Its bold, revitalizing flavour means your pet will probably get tired before you do.

The Best Times to Drink Coffee: A Decaffeinated Weekend Coffee Break

After a long, busy week, that moment when you finally get comfortable and open up a good book can be one of the best times to drink coffee. Having a warm drink at hand is essential when creating a cozy atmosphere, and a decaffeinated option will go well with this moment of weekend relaxation. If you enjoy a balanced medium brew, we recommend Timothy’s® Decaffeinated Colombian coffee for this off-duty coffee break.

When are your best times to drink coffee? If you’re ready to take a coffee break, you can find the perfect K‑Cup® pods for you online or by visiting one of our retailers.