Our homes should reflect our passions: the beauty queen has her bathroom vanity, the bookworm has her library and the husband has… well, his man-cave. For the lover of brew, it’s the coffee corner.

What are coffee corners, you ask? They’re dedicated spaces to make, enjoy and celebrate all things brew. Sometimes called coffee bars, they come in all shapes and sizes depending on room and budget. Often, they are as simple as a Keurig® coffee maker on the corner of a counter – all you need is a few personal decor touches and accessories to make it yours.

Not sure where to start? Keep reading for our tips on how to build your own DIY coffee corner.  

The brewing basics

Your coffee corner should be clean and clutter-free. After that, here’s everything you’ll need:

A great coffee maker
The cornerstone of any coffee bar is a coffee maker. There are a variety options to choose from based on your space needs, from the petite-but-powerful Keurig® K15 for smaller coffee corners to the more substantial, super-charged Keurig® K525.

A place for your pods
Since you are using a Keurig® coffee maker, you’ll need somewhere to put your K-Cup® pods. You can give them a quirky home like a fish bowl, a pot to match with plants or keep them neatly hidden away in a Keurig® Universal Storage Drawer.

Make room for mugs
A collection of coffee mugs is both fun and functional, and can reflect your style. Some coffee corner connoisseurs install shelves for theirs, hang them from hooks or put them on nearby counters. The important thing is that they are nearby so you can grab one quickly when the coffee craving strikes.

Frothers are not frivolous!
For anybody who enjoys a little (or a lot of) steamed milk with their brew, a Keurig® Milk Frother will be your tastiest tool. Perfect for foamy drinks like cappuccinos or just a light crackle of creaminess, its black design looks chic and sleek in any space.

Keep things sweet
Whether you like white or brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla powder, chocolate shavings or coconut flakes, your coffee condiments need a home in your bar set-up. Opt for containers that align with the overall decor of your corner and kitchen, and label each to match.

Great coffee needs great decor

Now that you have the fundamentals of your coffee corner down, this is the fun part: decorating! While you need to go out and get all the mood board-worthy items that reflect your personality, our tips below can get your started.

What theme is your thing?
Your coffee corner needs a palette or a theme to base your decor choices on. For instance, if you go with a very mood board-approved option like white marble, this can be reflected in everything from cups to coasters to condiment containers.

Go green!
Not sure on a theme? Don’t let your coffee corner go to pot – or should you? Nothing brings a coffee corner to life quite like plants. Whether it’s orchids, which don’t need much light and love humidity, or something more simple like succulents, a little green can go –and grow—a long way.

Chalk it up
Some may love a framed quote about coffee, and others prefer a chalkboard. It can be painted directly onto the wall or standalone, and is a great way to communicate with your family and have a rotating set of hilarious sayings that match your mood. As a starter quote, we like “FACT: Coffee is cheaper and much more delicious than therapy” or “You can’t buy happiness, but coffee is close enough.”

Ready to get started with your coffee corner? We’ve made it simple with a Keurig® Bundle which includes everything you’ll need like a Keurig® coffee maker, K-Cup® pods and accessories (options vary between packages).