This time of year can make you feel like you’d like to hit the refresh button. Luckily, there is a simple solution with a long history: green tea. Our green tea beverage suggestions combine Tetley® Pure Green Tea with tasty add-ins. Embrace drinking green tea with open arms!

What is Green Tea: The Beverage Explained

So, what is green tea? Green tea is made from the same plant as black tea, an evergreen shrub that goes by the name camellia sinensis. The difference between green and black tea is that green tea has not been allowed to oxidize and ferment after harvesting.

This lower level of processing means that green tea retains more antioxidants. These are said to have a beneficial effect on our general health, which includes reducing inflammation and protecting the body against illness. We believe that the best green tea is one with no added ingredients, like Tetley® Pure Green Tea. Its delicate flavour is easy to enjoy, any time of day.

There’s no doubt that drinking green tea is a great way to get a mid-winter boost. It’s known as a ‘superfood’, after all! And with the addition of just a few simple ingredients, you can enjoy a truly revitalizing green tea beverage experience at home.

Drinking Green Tea with Tasty Add-Ins for an Enhanced Experience

You can enjoy drinking green tea on its own, but there are also several simple ingredients that can be added to your existing green tea routine if desired.


Ginger root is used by many today around cold season for its soothing effects. Try adding fresh ginger to green tea. Its spiciness pairs perfectly with the tea’s fresh flavour.


A squeeze of lemon juice is a deliciously tart addition when you’re drinking green tea. It also contains vitamin C (often useful at this time of year).


Muddle a few blueberries in the bottom of your cup before drinking green tea for extra flavour, fibre, antioxidants and lovely colour.

drinking green tea made with k cup pods

Our Suggestions for Enjoying a Green Tea Drinking Experience

Start your morning with a freshly-brewed Tetley® Pure Green Tea K‑Cup® pod. Then, simply add in a squeeze of lemon juice and enjoy drinking green tea! Its invigorating effect will ease you into your day.

As an afternoon pick-me-up, you can try drinking green tea alone or muddle in a small handful of blueberries for a flavourful twist on the classic.

In addition to adding lemon, ginger can be a soothing way to enjoy drinking green tea and awaken your taste buds.

The K‑Elite™ coffee maker’s multiple cup size option makes it a great choice when you’re brewing larger quantities of tea. It also comes with a Water Filter Starter Kit, so the mineral content of the water you’ll be using will brew a great cup of green tea.

Feeling inspired by these green tea beverage ideas? You can find Tetley® Pure Green Tea K‑Cup® pods online or by visiting one of our coffee and coffee maker retailers.