The weeks leading up to the holidays can be a hectic time. Between friends, family, colleagues and everyone in between, there are so many people you’d like to show your appreciation for! Luckily, with our coffee-inspired gift ideas, there are now plenty of great ways to show them as well. Check out our easy holiday gifts for everyone in your life, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the magic of the season!

Coffee Gift Ideas and Coffee-Inspired Presents for Your Friends and Family

You may have already taken care of the big gifts for your friends and family this season – but what about the stocking stuffers and awesome extras? When it comes to giving coffee gifts and accessories, there are so many easy holiday gift ideas and stocking-stuffers for those closest to you.

Why not a box of Laura Secord® Hot Chocolate K‑Cup® pods for your little sister? Or a coffee maker bundle for your significant other? Actually, this coffee lover’s gift set can be a gift for both of you!

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Easy Holiday Coffee Gifts and Coffee-Inspired Presents for Coworkers Who Need Their Coffee Now

You see your colleagues almost every day, and you know you can always depend on them. That kind of beautiful collaboration deserves a great coffee gift!

These easy holiday gift ideas for coworkers will keep the good cheer flowing right into the new year. Try a lovely travel mug for your colleague who commutes to the office. And what about a milk frother, and a box of pods, for everyone to share? You’ll be the hero of the break room!

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coffee gifts holiday gift ideas for coworkers

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas – Coffee Gifts and Coffee-Inspired Presents Everyone Will Love!

Just when you think you’ve checked everyone off your list, you remember the other people who brighten your life in so many little ways.

These simple last-minute holiday gift ideas are for people who you want to show appreciation to.  Maybe they made your life a little easier this year, or touched your heart in some small way. Coffee presents are a great way to show them you noticed.

A box of K‑Cup® pods would make a great little coffee gift for your child’s teacher. An insulated mug is an easy holiday gift for the mail carrier. A Universal Storage Drawer could be a great way to show the host of the holiday party that you appreciate them.

We know that you’ll probably be receiving awesome coffee gifts of your own this season! If your loved ones think like you do, you may find yourself with a fantastic ground coffee gift. Why not treat yourself to the My K‑Cup® universal reusable coffee filter? It can be used with any ground coffee in your Keurig® coffee maker, for a perfect brew every time.

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Holiday gifting is no problem when you’ve got so many awesome coffee gift options!

Check out our full catalogue of Keurig® coffee and coffee accessories online or visit one of our retail locations to shop coffee presents in person!