The holidays: before you know it, you’re right in the middle of them! But this year, you’ll be prepared. Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for the best gifts for coffee lovers and become your friends’ and family’s favourite this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for your party hosting mom, your coffee connoisseur bestie or your globetrotting brother, we’ve got gifts for coffee lovers that will be the perfect fit for their brewing needs!

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Coffee Traditionalist in Your Life

Sometimes, the classics are the best way to go. If you need the best gift ideas for coffee lovers who like delicious coffee and effortless convenience, you’ll definitely want to give them the K‑Select™ coffee maker. It’s a coffee corner essential that they’ll use every day. The K‑Select™ coffee maker also features a Strong Brew setting for a bolder cup of coffee and a 355 ml brew size for those who like to live large!

The K‑Elite™ coffee maker is another great gift for coffee lovers. Along with its Strong Brew setting, the K‑Elite™ coffee maker has an Iced setting for refreshing cold beverages!

Both coffee makers have a sleek design that coffee traditionalists will love to have in their kitchen. The K‑Select™ coffee maker’s colour options suit any style, and the K‑Elite™ coffee maker’s metallic finish provides a clean, modern edge, making these coffee makers excellent gifts for coffee lovers.

Shop the Keurig® K‑Select™ Single Serve Coffee Maker

Shop the Keurig® K‑Elite™ Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers Who Live in Smaller Spaces

If you’re looking for holiday gifts for coffee lovers who live in a smaller space, or can use more countertop space, the K‑Mini™ coffee maker is the perfect choice. At 13 cm (5 inches) wide, it’s our slimmest coffee maker yet and fits anywhere – whether in a dorm, a studio apartment, or even a camper van! Its portable, stylish design makes it look fantastic wherever it ends up. It’s incredibly easy to use and makes delicious coffee every time.

With even more features, the K‑Mini Plus™ coffee maker is another great holiday gift idea. Its Strong Brew option offers a more intense cup of coffee, and its removable reservoir makes refills easy. In addition, it includes a removable pod storage which makes it easy to carry your K‑Cup® pods when you’re travelling with your coffee maker.

So, if you need gifts for coffee lovers who need to optimize their space, or always seem to be setting out on a new adventure, the K‑Mini™ and K‑Mini Plus™ coffee makers are the holiday gifts you’ll want to give them!

Shop the Keurig® K‑Mini™ Single Serve Coffee Maker

Shop the Keurig® K‑Mini Plus™ Single Serve Coffee Maker

Holiday Gifts for Coffee Lovers Who Love Being Their Own Barista

For some, there’s nothing better than having a craving for a specialty coffee and being able to easily whip it up on the spot. For those who love delicious coffee or lattes simply made in minutes, the K‑Latte™ coffee and latte maker is an amazing holiday gift idea. With its Shot option and milk frother, it only takes three easy steps to create delicious lattes.

If your home barista loves getting even more creative with their coffee, the K‑Café™ coffee, latte and cappuccino maker is the coffee gift they need! Not only does it come with a coffee Shot option and milk frother for lattes and cappuccinos and a Strong Brew option for intense flavour, it also features a Cold setting for making iced coffee drinks with cold frothed milk! With the K‑Café™ coffee, latte and cappuccino maker, the options are endless making it one of the most versatile gifts for coffee lovers.

Shop the Keurig® K‑Latte™ Single Serve Coffee and Latte Maker

Shop the Keurig® K‑Café™ Single Serve Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker

You’re well on your way to having the best holiday season ever with these holiday gifts!

Check out our full catalogue of Keurig® coffee makers online or visit one of our coffee maker retailers to shop our gifts for coffee lovers in person!