Lattes around the world

Coffee and milk have been best friends forever. And no drink showcases this perfect marriage more harmoniously than the latte.

A drink popular around the world, this creamy concoction has many names; the Italians call it the caffe latte, the Spanish café con leche, and the Portuguese will order a galão. The Australians call it a flat white, and the French café au lait, and typically serve it in a large bowl, perfect for dipping a morning croissant.

How to make a latte with your Keurig® coffee maker

A great latte starts with great coffee and milk at the perfect temperature. A Keurig® coffee maker and milk frother make this drink easy to perfect.

The latte in its many forms

While the traditional latte is delicious any time of day, here are a few ideas to try if you’d like to experiment:

Chai latte
Chai tea is an aromatic tea that is perfect served latte-style. Simply substitute coffee for Timothy’s® Chai Tea K-Cup® pods. We like this one sweetened with honey!

French Vanilla latte
No need to go to a café for this popular drink! Use the recipe above, and simply substitute the coffee base with Timothy’s® French Vanilla Latte K-Cup® pods.

Caramel latte
For a special treat or dessert coffee, try drizzling your latte with caramel syrup and topping with maple sugar.

Want to make the perfect frothy milk for your latte, every time? Try our new Keurig® Milk Frother today!