What is a mocha?

The mocha, also known as a moccacino, is a variant of a cappuccino that incorporates powdered chocolate or chocolate syrup for a sweeter, richer, more indulgent flavour. Think of it as a hot chocolate with bonus coffee!

The origins of the term mocha referred to a variety of coffee beans that gained popularity in Europe in the late 1700s. Mocha coffee beans were named after the port of Mocha in Yemen, and for a time the term mocha was synonymous with coffee. These beans are now commonly called Arabica beans.

Coffee with chocolate came to be called mocha because the original Mocha beans had a distinct chocolate flavour*.

How to make a mocha with your Keurig® coffee maker

A great mocha starts with great coffee and milk at the perfect temperature. A Keurig® coffee maker and milk frother make this drink easy to perfect.

So much chocolate, so little time

While the traditional mocha recipe is outlined above, here are a few ideas to try if you’d like to experiment with your coffee recipe:

Hot chocolate style
Café mochas, like cappuccinos, typically have a distinctive froth on top, but for an extra indulgent treat, you can also add whipped cream, like a hot chocolate, and top with marshmallows.

White chocolate mocha
Another variant is made by substituting milk or dark chocolate syrup with white chocolate syrup. Top with marshmallows and sprinkle with white chocolate chips for a creamy sweet concoction.

Zebra mocha
For a special occasion presentation, why not coat a clear glass with stripes of white and chocolate syrup before pouring in your coffee and milk? Enjoy a zebra mocha!

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