1. Fill your favourite mug with lots of ice.
  2. Brew a 6 oz. or 8 oz. Van Houtte® Colombian Dark coffee into your icy mug.
  3. Add milk and sweetener to taste. Try a flavoured syrup for fun!

Why have iced coffee?

When it’s summer and you’re having fun in the sun, a steaming cup of brew may be…ambitious.  Don’t worry – your Keurig® coffee maker and a little ice can make it nice!

The average iced coffee recipe is exactly what the name implies: Coffee poured over ice. So simple. So perfect. But have you ever wondered who first discovered this refreshing beverage?

Allegedly, iced coffee was created by French colonial troops in Algeria in the mid-1800s. Soldiers would mix coffee syrup and cold water to counteract the sweltering heat. Fast forward to modern coffee times where now you can beat the heat in the comfort of your very own home! All you need is your Keurig® coffee maker and our simple iced coffee recipe.

How to make iced coffee in three simple steps

Want a great, simple iced coffee recipe? Step one is picking your favourite Keurig® coffee K-Cup® pod. Bolder, stronger roasts often work better as the ice can dilute the flavour.

From there, making iced coffee is as easy as 1-Brew-3! Want to know something so cool, it’s downright cold? The K-EliteTM Coffee Maker turns your favourite K-Cup® pods into chilled beverages at the touch of the Iced Button.

More things to do with iced brew!

Now that you know how to make an iced coffee with your Keurig® coffee maker, you can experiment. Remember: Where there’s a chill, there’s a way!

Coffee Ice Cubes

Do you want even more flavour in your iced coffee? Raise your hand and say, “Freeze, please!” Make a 10 oz. brew of your favourite K-Cup® pod and pour it into an ice cube tray. Repeat as needed to fill it entirely. Once frozen, these cubes can be added to your iced coffee for brew times two.

Iced Coffee Latte

Better yet, fill a mug with your iced coffee cubes. Then, use the “cool down” steam option for milk in your Keurig® Milk Frother. Stir it in with the coffee cubes and top with foam for the pour-fect iced latte!

Iced Mocha Coffee

There’s even more Keurig® iced coffee options! Can you brew-lieve it? For the perfect iced mocha coffee, add some chocolate syrup to your iced latte and presto choco-chango! You’ve got an instant iced mocha.

Can’t wait to get started on these iced coffee recipes? First you’ll need the magic ingredient! Stock up on Keurig® K-Cup® pods online. For die-hard fans of cold drinks, consider the Van Houtte® Cold Brew coffee maker. It’s completely economical, costing only $59.99 and makes amazing chilled beverages suitable for the upcoming warm summer months.