Warmer weather, blooming flowers and an extra day to enjoy it all – what could be better? If you’re on the hunt for fun things to do this long weekend, look no further! Our ideas for easy long weekend activities are sure to please the whole family.

Looking for Things to Do This Long Weekend? Stop & Smell the Flowers

April showers bring May flowers! Stepping out and enjoying the beauty of your local botanical garden just might be one of the most relaxing things to do this long weekend. Take a long stroll around the grounds and admire the all the beauty and variety of nature. Just make sure you brew your favourite K-Cup® pod variety into your coffee travel mug before leaving the house – having some delicious coffee on hand will make the experience more memorable.

If you’re planning on visiting early to beat the crowds, we recommend brewing Timothy’s® Breakfast Blend coffee. Its light, aromatic flavour makes it an ideal weekend coffee, and it’s sure to give a smooth start to your day.


Things to Do This Long Weekend: Host a Potluck with Coffee

Spending time with your favourite people is what long weekend activities are all about. If you’re looking for things to do this long weekend, we suggest inviting all your friends over for a potluck. Just ask each guest to prepare a delicious dish to bring and share with everybody. All you need to do is supply a table and chairs – and all the coffee they can drink.

Stock up on everyone’s favourite K-Cup® pods beforehand, and get your guests in on the coffee activities by setting up a self-serve home coffee bar. Simply arrange the pods on a table with your Keurig® coffee maker, and your work is done. The K-Compact™ coffee maker is a perfect choice for your K-Cup® pod bar; its simple button controls will make it easy for everyone to brew their beverage right when they want it. And the K-Compact™ coffee maker’s 1.06 L. water reservoir lets you brew multiple cups before being refilled. As far as things to do this long weekend go, a potluck is a winning choice.

things to do this long weekend coffee activities

Things to Do This Long Weekend, Rainy Day Edition

The weather can be unpredictable, even in the month of May. If you find yourself watching the rain fall outside your window, don’t worry – there are great things to do this long weekend that don’t require braving the elements.

We suggest hosting your very own film festival. Pick out some classic movies, pop some popcorn and let the viewing party begin! Make sure to prepare yourself some coffee or tea to sip as you watch, to help create a cozy atmosphere. Are there kids in the crowd? Brew up some Laura Secord® Vanilla Cream Hot Chocolate Mix, for a sweet treat that’s even better than what you’d find at the concession stand.

So many things to do this long weekend, so little time! Shop your favourite K-Cup® pod varieties online or by visiting one of our retailers, and start savouring these long weekend activities.