At the start of every new year, it’s fun to find out what we can look forward to. At Keurig®, there’s one thing we particularly like: discovering the newest trends. And when it comes to coffee, there’s certainly no lack of imagination. Let yourself be surprised and inspired by these 5 unique coffee trends.

1. Flower Coffee, for the Sweetest Aromas

Floral syrups are having a moment: whether it’s orange flower, rose, geranium or lavender, these flower flavours go surprisingly well in a cup of coffee. 1 or 2 teaspoons of your favourite syrup, and the job is done. At Keurig®, our flower coffee of choice is the lovely lavender latte. To impress your guests, we suggest presenting it with a sprig of lavender on the side, in order to provide a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. Choose a classic, velvety coffee like Van Houtte® House Blend Dark for your flower coffee.

2. Rainy Coffee: The Most Poetic of Coffee Trends

This coffee trend is by far the most gentle and poetic way to enjoy a cup of coffee. Rainy coffee consists of a simple black coffee, over which a cotton candy cloud is suspended. The heat and steam from the coffee cause the cotton candy to melt, resulting in a sugary ‘rain’ that sweetens the coffee. How would you like to try this coffee trend with a K‑Cup® pod of dark roast coffee? We recommend Van Houtte® Colombian Dark.

3. Coffee Jelly: What’s Old is New Again

Coffee jelly wasn’t exactly invented yesterday, but its popularity has been on the rise lately. Served as soft cubes made with coffee, sugar and gelatin, this coffee trend is a novel way to enhance beverages and desserts. Like many trends, coffee jelly is actually a traditional recipe, first seen in cookbooks as early as 1817. Having gained popularity in Japan, coffee jelly is now poised for a comeback in North America. We would recommend that you try this coffee trend with a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee K‑Cup® pod.

4. The Glitter Latte, A Coffee Trend with Festive Brilliance

Invented in India, the glitter latte will make you stand out from the crowd. It’s simply a latte that has been decorated with edible glitter. Already big in India and England, this coffee trend likely has a bright future in Canada. We love the glitter latte for its glamorous and highly photogenic look. Want to try it? The secret to this coffee trend’s success also lies in the quality of its milk froth. Achieve your glitter latte dreams with help from the Keurig® milk frother.

5. The Fruit & Vegetable Coffee Trend

As you can see, coffee trends depend largely on their unique aesthetic, or the comforting feeling that the concept inspires. As such, reinvented coffees are not always to everyone’s taste. Matching coffee up with a particular fruit or vegetable is becoming more and more popular. In Australia, for example, you can sample the ‘brocolatte’, made with broccoli powder. Yes, you read that right! At Keurig®, we prefer to opt for an orange coffee. Simply add a few drops of orange extract and a sprinkling of cinnamon to your freshly-brewed coffee before adding the foam. Then, carefully place half an orange slice on top of the foam. It’s not only beautiful, it’s tasty! To harmonize with the orange, we recommend Timothy’s® Hazelnut flavoured coffee, which features exotic essences and the aroma of roasted hazelnuts.

Have any of these coffee trends inspired you? Give them a try, starting with a freshly-brewed Keurig® K‑Cup® pod.

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