At Keurig®, we understand how important it is for the things you use every day to be convenient, dependable and user-friendly. But we also know that the best pod coffee makers should offer variety, and that sleek, stylish design doesn’t hurt either. Keurig® coffee makers are made with all of these things in mind and more. Learn about all of the fabulous features built into our wide range of Keurig® pod coffee makers, and find out how to choose a coffee maker that’s perfect for your needs!

A Fast Coffee Maker, for Coffee That’s Ready Right When You Need It

Isn’t it nice to have exactly what you want, right when you crave it? That feeling of satisfaction has always been our priority when designing our pod coffee makers. All Keurig® coffee makers are made to brew your perfect cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in just minutes. And with their simple controls and programmable coffee maker features, there’s no guesswork to get between you and your favourite beverages. Every one of our easy coffee makers features a sleek modern look. But if you like yours to be as space-saving as it is speedy, the K‑Mini™ coffee maker and the K‑Mini Plus™ coffee maker are the best pod coffee makers to pick. Extra-slim and with cool modern appeal, they instantly turn any nook into a coffee corner.

keurig k café coffee latte and cappuccino maker coffee options

Keurig® Coffee Maker Brew Options: Different Sizes, Different Strengths

Sometimes, you only have five minutes to enjoy a quick cup of coffee before rushing out the door. Other times, you need your pod coffee maker to brew enough to last through a meeting or a study session. For all those times, we offer Keurig® coffee makers, such as the K‑Elite™ coffee maker and the K‑Compact™ coffee maker, that can brew a wide range of cup sizes to suit your needs. And it’s not just the brew size that you can customize – the K‑Select™ coffee maker and K‑Cafe™ coffee maker also come equipped with a Strong Brew option, so you can enjoy even bolder flavour from your favourite K‑Cup® pods. Choosing a coffee maker has never been easier.

A Keurig® Pod Coffee Maker for Whichever Coffee Beverage You Crave

For those who love preparing specialty coffee beverages at home, Keurig® pod coffee makers with exciting extra features are the perfect match. The K‑Latte™ coffee and latte maker and the K‑Café™ coffee, latte and cappuccino maker come with a coffee Shot option that forms the ideal base for lattes, and a milk frother to create the perfect froth with any type of milk or non-dairy alternative.

The K‑Café™ coffee, latte and cappuccino maker also features a Cold froth setting, so that lattes and cappuccinos can be enjoyed cold. And since both of these Keurig® coffee makers are compatible with any K‑Cup® pod, the options are endless when it comes to making your custom coffee creations!

Variety, Flavour & Freshness in the Best-Tasting Coffee Pods

Now that you know how to choose a coffee maker you’ll love, it’s time to pick your beverages. With the amazing array of coffee, tea and hot chocolate K‑Cup® pods available, there’s a world of flavours to discover when you start brewing with a Keurig® pod coffee maker. Whether you like dark roasts, flavoured coffees or soothing herbal teas, you’ll definitely find something to love. K‑Cup® pods have been specially designed to preserve freshness until the moment you hit Brew, so you can always be assured of a delicious beverage. And the options don’t stop there! The My K‑Cup® Universal Reusable Coffee Filter allows you to brew your favourite ground coffee with any Keurig® coffee maker, so you can enjoy an even bigger assortment.