While the majority of the world has been in self-isolation, a new social media craze has swept across our screens and reinvigorated our love affair with caffeine. This new trend is whipped coffee—also known as Dalgona coffee—which originated in South Korea sometime in late January. 

Since then, influencers across the globe have been fascinated with creating their own versions, so we’ve decided to share our favourite whipped coffee recipe!


Grab a mixing bowl and combine the sugar, the Van Houtte® instant coffee, and hot water. Next, grab an electric mixer and whip these three ingredients together for several minutes. After patiently whipping the mixture, you’ll get a light, fluffy foam that looks like a mousse.

If you don’t have an electric mixture, don’t sweat it! You can always use a whisk and mix things by hand. Note this labour of love requires some exertion, but is so worth the effort.

Next, pour one cup of 3.25% milk into a glass and add a few ice cubes. You can also use 2% or soy, but we believe that whole milk balances out the bold taste of the coffee. Scoop the clouds of the caramel-coloured froth over the milk and you’re ready to savour the taste of your homemade whipped coffee.

What does it taste like?

Our recipe tastes like a mix between an iced latte and a coffee milkshake. It’s not too bitter or sweet, and we think it’s the perfect beverage to satisfy your coffee cravings during this period of self-isolation. For those who aren’t a fan of the iced version, you can always omit the ice cubes and use warm milk instead.

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Create your own variations

You can also use Van Houtte® instant coffee to create other exciting variations including a Greek-style frappe. Famed for its popularity in Greece, this beverage is akin to Dalgona coffee and is adored by millions around the world.

How to create a Greek-style frappe? Use the same ingredients for your whipped coffee recipe and combine them in a large bowl. This time, however, add the cold milk to the mixture and whisk vigorously for only a minute. Once you’ve achieved a frothy consistency, pour the mixture over a few ice cubes in a glass and pretend you’re soaking up the sun on a beach in Mykonos!

Can you make whipped coffee using K-Cup® pods?

The answer is yes! For this version of the recipe, brew a cup of coffee using your favourite K-Cup® pod. We highly recommend using the Van Houtte® Colombian dark K-Cup® pod for its rich aroma and well-balanced taste.

Let the coffee cool for a few minutes. Next, grab some heavy whipping cream and pour it into a large bowl. Start whipping the cream with an electric mixer on high and slowly add the cup of coffee. It will take a few minutes for the luscious liquid to form soft peaks. At this point, grab a mug with a few ice cubes and voilà!

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